Measuring What Matters Submission

31 January 2023

Category: Submissions

QAMH has welcomed the Treasurer’s announcement that the government will develop a national framework for measuring progress and wellbeing that goes beyond traditional macroeconomic indicators. Economic markers such as GDP do not truly capture the nation’s prosperity and have little relevance to Australians’ day-to-day lives. A wellbeing approach necessitates whole-of-government and whole-of-society perspective – something QAMH has long been calling for.

QAMH strongly believes that the mental health status of the population must be a central component of this proposed framework. The profound disruptions brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, natural disasters, international conflict and the cost-of-living crisis have shifted the focus onto the pivotal role mental health plays in creating a productive, resilient and thriving community.

In developing the systems to support the framework, it is essential that these design features are considered:

  • A whole-of-government approach
  • Linking funding to wellbeing indicators
  • Mental health indicators that move beyond clinical diagnostic criteria and are captured by an independent body

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