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Proposed NDIS Legislative Improvements and the Participant Service Guarantee

7 October 2021

Category: Submissions

For Australians living with disabilities, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) promised a life changing opportunity to access supports and services they required to effectively participate in society. However, teething problems were inevitable given the complexity, size and rapid roll-out of the NDIS. This submission outlines QAMH’s position on the proposed amendments to the NDIS Act, which were put forward to help the NDIS achieve its original vision. We welcomed changes such as the recognition of the fluctuating and episodic nature of mental illness, the exclusion of independent assessments, and the establishment of specific timeframes for decision-making. However, we also raised concerns about the use of ambiguous language and the proposed discretionary powers of the NDIA to vary a participant’s plan without consultation.

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