• Draft National Guidelines for Including Mental Health and Wellbeing in Early Childhood Checks

    The National Mental Health Commission has developed a set of draft national Guidelines for including mental health and wellbeing in Early Childhood Health Checks (ECHC) for children aged 0-5 years. QAMH support the Guidelines as mental health concerns often begin during childhood and the earlier a recovery focused intervention is introduced the better. In this submission we endorse the trauma-informed and early-intervention frameworks along with the emphasis on building trusting relationships between practitioner, parent/carer and child. We highlight the difficulties those with psychosocial mental health challenges may have engaging with ECHC checks and ask for greater recognition of the role the community and mental health and wellbeing sector has once a need is identified.

  • Getting the NDIS Back on Track Bill Submission

    The “Getting the NDIS Back on Track Bill” proposes the most significant changes to the NDIS since its inception. In this submission, QAMH outlines concerns that the proposed reassessment process will negatively impact people experiencing severe and complex psychosocial disability without a robust system of foundational psychosocial supports in place. We also question the powers that the Bill extends to the Minister and the lack of oversight and consultation involved in the process.

  • Queensland Disability Reform – Foundational Supports Joint Peak’s Submission

    QAMH and the Psychosocial Peak Body contributed to this paper produced by the Queensland Disability Peak on key considerations for foundational supports and core functions that need to be delivered in Queensland to meet the gaps and needs of people with disability and their families. The paper includes target groups, elements of the model and services as part of initial discussion and design considerations for the Queensland Government to consider.

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    NDIS Provider and Worker Registration Taskforce Submission

    QAMH broadly supports a risk-proportionate approach to registration for all NDIS providers and workers, including those providing foundational supports. However our sector faces significant workforce demands which must be considered alongside the aims of increased regulation. It is impossible to fully comment on the proposed model without further detail on the disability-specific Practice Standards for psychosocial supports and consideration of the NDIS Review reforms as a whole. Crucially, funding for psychosocial supports must adequately meet the higher costs involved compared to general supports.

  • The Draft Queensland Anti-Discrimination Bill 2024 Submission

    The Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 has been reviewed and QAMH welcomes the opportunity to provide comment on the new daft Bill. We agree that the Bill should reflect current best practice and provide a framework that proactively improves standards of behaviour across society. Our submission challenges the proposed definition of disability as we believe it contains stigmatising language. We also ask for measures to be taken to reduce complexity in the legislation making it easier for people to bring a case of discrimination forward.

  • Mental Health Community Support Services – Psychosocial Supports Submission

    QAMH welcomes this opportunity to provide input to the Community Mental Health Community Support Services – Psychosocial Supports consultation being undertaken by Queensland Health to explore models, approaches and design elements that build on the current service system. We also welcome broad scale investment in non-clinical supports that build people’s natural resources and personal agency as well as their ability to reduce and resolve issues which may be impacting their mental health, by addressing social determinants.

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  • February 2017: The Provision of Services under the NDIS for People with Psychosocial Disabilities Related to Mental Health Conditions