• National Cultural Policy – Submission

    Both here in Australia and internationally, there is a large and rapidly growing body of evidence which demonstrates a strong positive impact of the arts on both mental and physical health, and consequently wellbeing as a whole. Given Australia’s ballooning mental health crisis, we believe that a key opportunity exists to boldly articulate the value of the Arts Sector in creating a Wellbeing Economy to the wider community and position it at the leading edge of cross-sectoral reform and partnerships.

  • The Perceptions and Status of Vocational Education and Training – Submission

    QAMH welcomes the opportunity to provide a submission to the Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Training (the Committee) as part of its Inquiry into the Perceptions and Status of Vocational Education and Training. Our response to this submission explores the challenges and pose some potential solutions in order to attract more students and grow the pipeline into our sector.

  • A New Act to Replace the Disability Services Act Submission

    The Department of Social Services is updating and replacing the Disability Services Act 1986. This Act has been in place for more than 30 years and has not been significantly updated during this time despite the many changes occurring in Australia’s disability landscape. QAMH believes this review will be an important step in ensuring the Act continues to provide strong protections for Queenslanders with disability.

  • Measuring What Matters Submission

    QAMH has welcomed the Treasurer’s announcement that the government will develop a national framework for measuring progress and wellbeing that goes beyond traditional macroeconomic indicators. This aligns with our strong belief that the nation’s social and economic pursuits should be centred around activities which enhance Australians’ wellbeing and allow them to live a good life.

  • 2023 Federal Budget Pre-Budget Submission

    In this Pre-Budget submission to the Federal Government, QAMH have listed a number of priorities including Increasing investment in the non-governmental community mental health and wellbeing sector to bridge the service gaps and ensure Primary Health Network contracts are consistently five years in length and include indexation which accurately reflects the increased costs of business. Take a look at all the QAMH priorities presented in this submission.

  • Inquiry into the Delivery of VET in Regional, Rural and Remote Queensland

    QAMH welcomes the opportunity to provide a submission to the Education, Employment and Training Committee as part of its inquiry into the delivery of VET in regional, rural and remote Queensland. Our response to this submission explores the challenges and pose some potential solutions on the delivery of the Certificate IV in Mental Health and the Certificate IV in Mental Health Peer Work.

  • November 2019 QAMH Submission to the Queensland Renting Reform
  • November 2019: Review of the NDIS Act and the new NDIS Participant Service Guarantee – submission response
  • September 2019: Health Transparency Bill 2019 – submission response
  • May 2019: NDIS Thin Market Consultation – submission response
  • April 2019: Inquiry into aged care, end-of-life and palliative care and voluntary assisted dying – submission response
  • October 2018: Inquiry into Imprisonment and Recidivism – submission response
  • May 2018: Joint Submission to Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs Accessibility and Quality of Mental Health Services in Rural and Remote Australia
  • 2018-19 State Budget Submission
  • February 2018: Market Readiness for the National Disability Insurance Scheme
  • February 2017: The Provision of Services under the NDIS for People with Psychosocial Disabilities Related to Mental Health Conditions