Our Team Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

QAMH is committed to fostering a culture that values diversity and inclusiveness. We are a team that values the cultural backgrounds, different abilities, age, gender and identity of our staff and the people and organisations we serve. We embrace all perspectives, unique skills, experience, ideas, and qualities they contribute to QAMH.

Staff Members

  • Jennifer Black

    Chief Excutive Officer

  • Marie Halloran

    Business Manager

  • Claire Stewart

    Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer & Administration Support

  • Leena Bates

    Peer Scholarship Program Coordinator

  • Simon Clough

    Psychosocial Peak Coordinator

  • Kristyn Culpepper

    Membership, Communications & Design Advisor

  • Alicia Ferguson

    Communications and Marketing Officer

  • Lisa Greenaway
    Lisa Greenaway

    Project Lead – Brand & Communications

  • Olivia Moy

    Project Coordinator

  • Farina Murray

    Senior Advisor Policy and Projects

Board Members

  • Cathy O’Toole

    Chair of Board (Skill-Based Director)

  • Melanie Sennett

    Deputy Chair (Elected Director)

  • Chris Skelton
    Chris Skelton

    Chair of Finance (Skills-Based Director)

  • Michelle Cowan
    Michelle Cowan

    Skills-Based Director

  • Anthony Doidge

    Skills-Based Director

  • Stephanie Naunton

    Elected Director

  • Tanya O’Shea

    Elected Director

  • Kris Sargeant (she/they)

    Skills-Based Director