The Queensland Alliance for Mental Health is committed to reconciliation between Australia’s First Nations peoples and non-indigenous Australians. This is laid out in QAMH’S first Reconciliation Action Plan, which was formally endorsed in March 2023.  

In keeping with Reconciliation Australia’s framework, our first plan is a Reflect RAP, allowing QAMH to scope and develop relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders, lay out its vision for reconciliation and explore opportunities in our sphere of influence.  

Embarking on a reconciliation process resonates strongly with our sense of social justice and working towards a fair and equal society. We know that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are often over-represented in mental health statistics.  

Concerningly, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples report that they are often treated poorly in mental health systems which are not delivering culturally appropriate models of care. Historical and ongoing colonisation, including the forced removal of children, lack of self-determination and structural racism contribute to this.  

We believe, as the peak body representing the Community Mental Health and Wellbeing Sector in Queensland, we have an obligation to be part of the process of righting these historical wrongs.  

In 2024, QAMH embarks on the Innovate RAP which outlines actions for achieving our organisation’s vision for reconciliation.

The Artwork


This piece acknowledges QAMH’s Reflect RAP journey as well as their leadership role within the Community Mental Health and Wellbeing Sector.

The Artist

Chloe Watego is a Gubbi Gubbi-based woman with a passion for sharing and celebrating her culture through art. As a self-taught artist, Chloe uses painting for creative expression and to aid in healing as she continues to explore her family’s heritage. 

Indigenous artist and Gubbi Gubbi-based woman Chloe Watego smiles for the camera. She has long brown hair and is wearing a white t-shirt.

We Support the Voice

QAMH accepts the invitation of the Uluru Statement from the Heart to walk with First Nations peoples in support of a First Nations Voice to Parliament enshrined in the Australian Constitution.