Stretch2Engage is an organisational engagement framework developed for the Queensland Mental Health Commission and piloted by several Queensland mental health and alcohol and other drug organisations. Stretch2Engage is underpinned by a philosophy which places the responsibility for engagement with the service and not the individual. It shifts the culture of an organisation to one where the primary questions are:

How can we engage better with you? How can we understand your needs to adapt our service to meet your needs?

Services who trialled this framework and methodology strengthened their engagement with their participants by Stretching2Be: Curious, Clear, Creative, Collective, Comprehensive, Champion and Committed. These services aspired to uphold a person first service culture and described greater levels of engagement in their service because of implementing the framework.

While Stretch2Engage was developed for the Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs sectors, it has wide applicability to other sectors seeking to engage with the people they serve.

The following resources have been developed to assist organisations to implement Stretch2Engage.


The Framework