Working Together to Make a Difference

The Queensland Alliance For Mental Health reforms, promotes and drive community mental health and wellbeing services for all Queenslanders, through its influence and collaboration with its members and strategic partners.

The following aspirations for each of our Strategic Pillars for 2022 – 2024 are provided below along with examples of how we are achieving these.


Share Expertise

QAMH is a reliable source of knowledge about the Community Mental Wellbeing Sector. Stakeholders will intentionally seek out the knowledge and expertise which has been developed by QAMH in collaboration with members and partners.

  • Connecting with our members and local communities through face-to-face regional forums to support community wellbeing. These connections have allowed the regional and remote voices of our members to contribute to our advocacy and support around homelessness and public housing and the scrapping of the proposed NDIS compulsory independent assessments.
  • Member training such as Trauma Informed Care, to strengthen knowledge and expertise in the sector.
  • Seeking input from members for projects such as the Community Mental Health Workforce and the Mental Health Service System Changes: Experiences of COVID-19 projects, and the opportunity for members and stakeholders to attend the launch findings.
  • Collaborating with Queensland Lived Experience Workforce Network (QLEWN) to explore and enhance supply, demand and quality of training for the peer workforce in Queensland.
Facilitate connection

Facilitate Connection

QAMH is the peak body of choice for those wanting to grow and develop the Community Mental Wellbeing Sector. QAMH has strong and influential partnerships with key stakeholders (members, partners, and funders). QAMH facilitates diverse connections to strengthen the Community Mental Wellbeing Sector.

  • Fortnightly online forum with member organisations were initially developed to support organisations through the uncertainty of the pandemic. Meeting agendas were expanded to include industry relevant information, including consultation with members on submissions and reports, information on new mental health initiatives, important industry legislation changes and training and education.
  • CEO forums and regional visits including the community wellbeing forums are opportunities to connect, share knowledge and expertise with members and celebrate and support community resilience and wellbeing. Members are also invited to share service innovations at events and engage with other organisations in their region that they could potentially partner with or direct clients to.
  • The Annual Alliance Meeting is a time to reflect on the past year and create an event for members which showcases a QAMH initiative.
Foster innovation

Foster Innovation

QAMH is a key resource for community mental wellbeing, innovation, service design thinking and modelling. QAMH collaborates with partners and members to facilitate the delivery of innovative solutions to improving the Community Mental Wellbeing Sector. QAMH is recognised and resourced as an innovative organisation contributing to the growth and development of the Community Mental Wellbeing Sector.

  • The Wellbeing First report project was led by QAMH and was informed by eight months of research and exploration with member organisations and key stakeholders. Wellbeing First is a call to fundamentally shift the focus of our sector from managing illness to actively supporting wellbeing. Since the Wellbeing First launch in mid-2021, QAMH have commenced implementing the steps to promote this more broadly.
  • Co-design workshops such as the Physical Health and Wellbeing: Co-designing Services Project. Recommendations for a service model, or service improvement that specifically addressed the physical health and wellbeing of people with mental health issues has been provided to stakeholders.
Lead and influence

Lead and Influence

QAMH leads the vision for the community mental wellbeing sector in Queensland. QAMH influences stakeholders’ appreciation of the Community Mental Wellbeing Sector’s unique contribution within the mental health ecosystem and wider community. QAMH is a key driver of community mental wellbeing policy and service system reform in Queensland.

  • QAMH is working in partnership with the Queensland Mental Health Commission (QMHC) to undertake a systematic analysis of the mental health non-government community services sector in Queensland. Eight community mental health organisations have been recruited to be part of the reference group.
  • QAMH make submissions to government departments on behalf of our members to advocate for policy reform. Recent submissions include the QAMH Submission to the National Mental Health Workforce Strategy and the Inquiry into the Opportunities to Improve Mental Health Outcomes for Queenslanders. QAMH also provides evidence at hearing as part of government inquiries.