Concerns raised with the proposed Bill

Community Mental Health Australia (CMHA) and its members including the Queensland Alliance for Mental Health (QAMH) welcome the opportunity to provide a submission to the Department of Social Services (the Department) on the Disability Services and Inclusion Bill (the Bill), which is replacing the Disability Services Act 1986.

Reviewing the current legislation is critical. In the 37 years since the Act was introduced, the disability support landscape has changed radically, most importantly with the introduction of the NDIS in 2013. However in this submission, we outline a number of concerns with the proposed Bill, in particular that the nuances of psychosocial disability have not been carefully considered.

Our response explores these issues in detail including:

  • The importance of defining disability in relation to people experiencing mental health challenges;
  • Reducing regulatory burden for providers; and
  • Broadening eligible services funded (and protected) under the Act.

CMHA and its other members wish to acknowledge the work done by the Queensland Alliance for Mental Health (QAMH) and Mental Health Coordinating Council (MHCC NSW) in the development of this submission.

Read our full submission here


Media contact:
Emma Griffiths
QAMH Director – Advocacy and Communications
Queensland Alliance for Mental Health
M: 0439 971 080