In accordance with the QAMH Constitution, nominations are now open for one (1) vacancy on the Queensland Alliance for Mental Health (QAMH) Ltd Board.  Don’t miss this opportunity to play an active role in community managed mental health and contribute to shaping the future strategic direction of the Company.

In accordance with Clause 24.2 of the QAMH Constitution, an NFP Director is an employee or officer of not-for-profit Alliance Members.  The vacant position available for the 2020 Election is:

One (1) NFP Director elected by the Alliance Members

Please find below links to the forms and documents relating to the nomination process.  Note all of the following forms must be received by the Company Secretary by 5.00pm on 25 September 2020 to ensure a valid nomination:

The following reference documents are available here:

In accordance with Section 6.3(c) and (d) of the Alliance Rules, a General Alliance Member is entitled to nominate one (1) person to be eligible for election as an Elected Director on the Board; and have one vote in the election of the Elected Directors in accordance with the Constitution. 

The election voting process again this year will be conducted via electronic secret postal ballot in accordance with Clause 29.5 of the QAMH Constitution and will be managed by TrueVote, an independent ballot management company.  An email will be sent to General Alliance Members by TrueVote once voting has opened (early October) with the voting options and a link to the nominee profile statements.  A General Alliance Member organisation must have a current financial membership in order to cast a vote.  

To find out the financial status of your organisation or any queries regarding the online ballot process please do not hesitate to contact Company Secretary, Julia Riordan 07 3394 8480.