Confirmation of Enrolment and Expense Claim Form

To reduce the barriers to completing the course, you can apply for a payment of up to $1000.

To claim for scholarship expenses, simply complete the online expense form that follows this information section.

Outline the items you wish to claim and include quotes or receipts for each item.

Participants can:

  • apply for the full amount of $1000 in one claim application, or
  • apply for smaller amounts two times throughout the course of study, up to the amount of $1000 in total
Claim Timeframes
First or Full ClaimWithin three months of enrolment
Second Claim (if full amount has not already been claimed)Within six months of enrolment

Claim payments

QAMH payment cycle runs on a fortnightly basis. Please be aware that your claim may be paid up to 3 weeks after receiving your application, to allow for processing and inclusion in the next available payment run.

Eligible expenses you can claim for include:

  • Accommodation costs – associated with attending classes at the Training Organisation
  • Travel Costs – Public Transport or Mileage Costs associated with attending classes at the Training Organisation
  • Costs related to purchasing a computer or other IT equipment to complete your studies
  • Costs related to internet charges – required for online study and classes
  • Childcare or other care costs directly related to attending classes


You will need to supply the following evidence to claim against these items or arrange a quote or estimate if you need assistance in making purchases up front.

Claim ItemEvidence Required
Accommodation CostsQuote or booking receipts for accommodation costs (e.g hotel or AirBnB)
Travel Costs

  • Public Transport

  • Mileage Claim (.78c per km[2022-2023 financial year])

  • Parking costs

  • Public transport estimates or receipts

  • Print out of Google Maps to calculate kilometres

  • Quote or receipt for car park / parking bay costs

Computer or IT chargesQuote or receipt from preferred place of purchase
Internet chargesQuote, receipt or bill from preferred provider
Child care of other care costsQuote or receipt from provider

Claim for Scholarship Expenses Form

How will you complete this course?(Required)
How will you attend the course?(Required)
My training provider is aware that I am a scholarship recipient and they will invoice QAMH for the cost of the course(Required)
Please select from the options below(Required)
Please note: In instances of fast tracking study to be completed within 6 months, claims must be made within 3 months of enrolment.

Payment Information

Details of Claim
Claim Item
Amount Claimed
Evidence Attached (Y/N)

Bank Details

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    The Peer Work Scholarships Program is an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care, commissioned by the Queensland Mental Health Commission and administered in Queensland by the Queensland Alliance for Mental Health.