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About your mentoring partner Brook RED 

Brook RED has been operating in South Brisbane since 2000. They are an entirely Lived Experience governed, managed, and operated organisation. This means that everyone who works at Brook RED identifies as having a living-experience of recovery and uses the unique perspectives and knowledge gained from this experience as the foundation for all of their work.  If you would like to know more about how Brook RED think about peer support you can read about it here.   

Brook RED is experienced in establishing and facilitating Group Mentoring for the lived experience workforce. 

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  1. Group mentoring sessions are held online via Zoom.
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    Wednesday 8 November

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    Friday 8 December

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Meet the Brook RED Mentoring Facilitators

Kate O’Keefe (she/her)               

 My lived experience of mental health/illness/big feelings informs my ability to be very comfortable with a range of emotions and frustrations related to life and work.  Self-imposed (and sometimes outside imposed) pressure in the workplace has led to more than one life pause and re-evaluations, so I am very interested in supporting others to look after themselves in the intensely personal work we do.

My personal values that align with my approach to supervision are curiosity, creativity, authenticity, community, and responsibility.  I love learning, and I love learning from and with others.  I am interested in working with people who are at the beginning of their career and those who’ve worked with their lived experience for many years.

​I have worked in the mental health sector for over 16 years, in consumer consultant and service integration roles within clinical mental health services with Queensland Health and in project, training and group facilitation roles in community mental health services.  I have experience in providing practice reflection and supervision for individuals and groups.

I am very interested in how people are looking after themselves in this soul-baring, tough experience reliving, brick wall head beating, system frustrating work.  And having worked in some of those systems, I am so invested in keeping us thriving to continue on in these vital roles!

Erin O’Shea (she/her)

I am an experienced peer worker who is interested in providing mutual and authentic support to my fellow peer workers. My favourite thing about peer work is being able to provide a connection and understanding for people who are going through a system that is rife with disconnection and misunderstanding. I aim to bring this approach to supervision.

I have been a peer worker for 12 years at Brook RED, across roles including centre based peer worker, senior peer worker, centre coordinator and workshop facilitator. My current role is a community based one on one peer support with people in suicidal distress.

​My approach to supervision is to provide a space for both supervisee and supervisor to be vulnerable and sometimes messy and not have all the answers. The values I hold as a supervisor are authenticity, curiosity, mutuality, and bringing a sense of humour and fun to the relationship.  I am particularly interested in supporting peer workers who are working with individuals providing one on one or group peer support.

Working Together Co-reflection is about creating expertise together through a process of learning, practicing and reflection. Co-reflection is designed to model a peer support relationship so that we are practicing the same principles at all levels of our relationships”. (Shery Mead, Intentional Peer Support) 


If you have any queries or wish to discuss please contact the Peer Scholarship Program Team via our Contact form or email 

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