Queensland Alliance for Mental Health has welcomed the increased focus on housing and jobs growth in the Queensland Budget 2021-22, but has warned there will be no full economic recovery for Queensland without a whole-of-government approach to mental wellbeing.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented effect on the mental wellbeing of Queenslanders, with increasing rates of anxiety and depression,” said Queensland Alliance for Mental Health CEO Jennifer Black.

 “More jobs and secure housing will have a positive impact on Queenslanders mental wellbeing, but there is much more needed to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic having long term mental impacts.”

QAMH represents community-managed not-for-profit mental health services across the state. These taxpayer-funded services provide thousands of Queenslanders with practical support to manage their illness and contribute socially and economically.

QAMH CEO Jennifer Black says the Queensland State Government needs a long-term plan to include mental wellbeing in the state’s economic recovery.

“Without a focus on mental wellbeing and preventative action to support people before their mental distress becomes serious, there will be no full economic recovery in Queensland,” Ms Black said.

QAMH has welcomed the increased funding for public housing and congratulated the government for listening to the Queensland Council of Social Service’s repeated calls for more housing support for the state’s most vulnerable.

QAMH hopes for similar investment in community mental wellbeing supports in forthcoming years.

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Please attribute quotes to Queensland Alliance for Mental Health CEO Jennifer Black.
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