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Wellbeing First

14 July 2021

Category: Resources

The Wellbeing First report is informed by eight months of research and exploration. The report was led by CEO Jennifer Black with guidance from Jose Ramos (Action Foresight) and Helen Glover (Enlightened Consultants).

The Wellbeing First report is a call to fundamentally shift the focus of our sector from managing illness to actively supporting wellbeing.

This report examines the urgent and compelling need for change in the mental health system. This is based on three key points:

  • The current system has been repeatedly identified as one which is struggling with demand, fragmented, siloed and difficult for the public to navigate
  • This vexed system is now facing unprecedented pressure from the mental health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Human distress does not always need a medical response. For this reason, we need to move beyond current models of care, and pivot to a contemporary whole of community approach that places Wellbeing First. In this report, the Queensland Alliance for Mental Health (QAMH) calls for fundamental changes to the way we fund and position community mental wellbeing services in Queensland

Wellbeing First also presents supporting case studies, emerging opportunities and what the future could look like for the Community Mental Health and Wellbeing Sector.

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