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Wellbeing First Campaign Update

23 August 2022

Category: Projects

In 2022 QAMH has been meeting with members and mental health colleagues to explore the concepts in our Wellbeing First Report.

At those meetings we launched our Wellbeing First Innovation Hub, which will provide an opportunity for member organisations to participate in training and practical application of human centred design within their service. The participating organisations believe that Wellbeing First provides a framework for innovation and change within their service.

QAMH’s Wellbeing First campaign responds to some of the critical factors faced by people accessing mental health services as well as some of the stressors experienced within the mental health ecosystem. QAMH advocates that the community mental wellbeing sector is well placed to offer specialist mental wellbeing responses to all Queenslanders.  To be as effective as possible new models of service need to be innovated, responsive to mental wellbeing indicators and beyond simply ameliorating mental illness.

The Wellbeing First Innovation Hub uses design thinking to apply the principles of human-centered design putting people who access our services at the centre of your thinking.  It will support community mental wellbeing leaders to design innovative service models that can be implemented within your services that align to the Wellbeing First agenda.

What can you expect from the program?

QAMH’s The Innovation Hub combines:

  • 8 weeks Design Thinking program (Online)
  • Access to Design Thinking E-Resources
  • Monthly workshops/mentoring over 8 months (online)
  • Support from the QAMH Wellbeing First team to design, prototype implement and test your service design
  • Final presentation of service designs to the wider sector

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