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Summary Key Issues: The Productivity Commission Inquiry into Mental Health

14 February 2021

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The final report from the Productivity Commission’s Inquiry into Mental Health was a watershed moment in the history of mental health reform in Australia.  It highlighted the gaps in the current system and outlined an ambitious reform agenda. In this summary, QAMH outlines the issues which are of most relevance to the Community Mental Health and Wellbeing Sector.

Key highlights include the need to:

  • Create a person-centred mental health system
  • Have lived experience at all levels of strategy development
  • Address gaps in the system, especially for the ‘Missing Middle’
  • Take a whole-of-government approach to mental health care, incorporating housing, employment, family violence, drug and alcohol addiction, and the criminal justice system
  • Streamline funding channels for psychosocial supports
  • Focus on prevention and early intervention in life
  • Develop the community mental health workforce
  • Developing strategies to combat stigma and discrimination

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