Stage 2 Rental Law Reform Submission

30 May 2023

Category: Submissions

Queensland is in the midst of a housing crisis. It is a rapidly unfolding social catastrophe – closely tied to the mental health of Queenslanders – that has far-reaching economic and social impacts and requires an urgent, multi-pronged approach from all sectors and all levels of government. QAMH welcomes the opportunity to comment on the Stage Two Rental Law Reform consultation being led by the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy. While QAMH supports the proposed changes to Queensland’s rental laws, we don’t believe that these reforms go far enough. The key issues facing Queensland renters remain the lack of affordable housing, poor housing security and an incredibly tight rental market which limits the options and negotiation power available to renters. As a result, Queensland is experiencing an increase in the social determinants for mental illness and homelessness. Strong rental protection laws which address rental affordability and security are needed to redress the balance and make renting a fair arrangement, for both renters and owners.

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