NSQMH Standards Guide for CMOs Submission

5 September 2023

Category: Submissions

QAMH welcomes the opportunity to provide a submission to the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (the Commission) on the consultation draft of the National Safety and Quality Mental Health Standards for Community Managed Organisations Guide for Service Providers (the Guide). Having purpose-built standards for our sector is an important development that means services will no longer need to adapt or retrofit other standards to meet their needs or aspirations. It also represents a fundamental step in supporting a professional, evidence-based sector, offering services that are nationally consistent, safe and high quality. However, we have concerns with the supporting material and guidance released to date. These are pressing given the expected timeline which service providers will need to seek to adjust to the new standards.

This submission has been informed by consultation with QAMH members, our involvement in consultation activities regarding the CMO Standards to date and our extensive knowledge of the Community Mental Health and Wellbeing Sector in Queensland. It focuses on the following areas of concern for our members:

  • Administrative burden for service providers
  • Language and structure of the Guide
  • Clarifying co-design requirements and practical implications for providers
  • Supporting providers to transition to the new Standards
  • Simplifying the exemption process
  • Expanding suggested resources





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