NDIS Review Final Report Summary

14 December 2023

Category: Resources

In this summary, we identify the key changes proposed by the NDIS Review which will impact people with psychosocial disability and Community Mental Health and Wellbeing providers. The NDIS Review Final Report makes 26 recommendations and 139 supporting actions which are intended to be implemented as a package. Many of the recommendations require legislative change and the review team have stressed that these changes will require a long process of consultation – as much as five years – to ensure a smooth transition. So, while there is no doubt that there are some big changes on the horizon, nothing is changing immediately and the intention is to allow enough time to transition to the new changes once they are finalised.

Overall, QAMH welcomes the key recommendations of the Review, which we believe will provide more and better support for people with psychosocial disability, both within and outside the NDIS, as well as more certainty for providers. Nonetheless, we believe there remain many grey areas which will need to be carefully navigated during the transition and implementation process as – without proper care and consultation – some of the intended benefits of these proposals may fail to be realised.

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