NDIS Review – Building a Strong, Effective NDIS

20 June 2023

Category: Submissions

While significant progress has been made in attempting to improve the National Disability Insurance Scheme’s response to people with psychosocial disability via the development of the NDIS Psychosocial Disability Recovery-Orientated Framework, significant challenges remain in recognising and accommodating the unique nature of providing support for people with psychosocial disability. These challenges include recognising the episodic nature of psychosocial disability, the need for greater flexibility in support and funding, and the development and retention of specialist skills within the sector. This submission examines the NDIS model and the challenges it presents in delivering psychosocial disability support and considers the policy and practice implications of these challenges.

Finally, the submission offers recommendations for improving psychosocial disability support within the NDIS, in six key areas including:

  • NDIS plan access, structure and administration
  • Challenges implementing the NDIS Psychosocial Recovery Coach Model
  • Pricing and cost structure
  • Development and maintenance of appropriate workforce
  • Lack of psychosocial specific skills knowledge and lived experience
  • Multi-agency and cross system responsibility and navigation



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