National Cultural Policy – Submission

15 March 2023

Category: Submissions

The Arts Sector is uniquely poised to assist in progressing the vision of an Australia that places mental wealth and a focus on community wellbeing front and center of all policy decisions, and – like the Prime Minister – QAMH believe that the arts have a vital role to play in “developing national identity, social unity and economic success.”

In this submission, we suggest that a huge opportunity exists to boldly articulate the value of the Arts Sector in creating a Wellbeing Economy to the wider community and position it at the leading edge of cross-sectoral reform and partnerships. We also posit that the evidence is clear that Arts-Health and social prescribing initiatives work; what is missing from the evidence is examples of scaled-up programs and commitment to act on what we already know. Australia has a key opportunity to play a leading role in this regard.

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