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Mental Health Select Committee – Parliamentary Briefings

14 March 2022

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The Mental Health Select Committee of the 57th Parliament was established by the Queensland Legislative Assembly on 2 December 2021 to conduct an Inquiry into the Opportunities to Improve Mental Health Outcomes for Queenslanders and report back to the House.

The Committee heard from a range of government and non-government organisations (NGO) between January 2022 to  March. QAMH have prepared a summary of the issues covered during the public hearings in mid-February.

QAMH presented to the Committee in March, where it was stated that funding for the community mental health and wellbeing sector is languishing at 1999 levels. QAMH CEO Jennifer Black explained, that the figures were gleaned from Australian Institute of Health and Welfare statistics.

Ms Black also told the committee that Queensland’s investment in its NGO mental health sector is 35% lower than the national average.

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