2022 Annual Report

23 November 2022

Category: Strategic Documents

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2022 was a year of placing advocacy front and centre of our work. This was in response to the feedback from Members where QAMH moved forward with three defining tasks:

  • elevating the voice of our Members to influence reform with stakeholders and politicians
  • building on the work of Wellbeing First creating a compelling vision for the unique contribution the Community Mental Health and Wellbeing Sector offers, and
  • creating opportunities to build the future capacity of our sector.

Online Member connections was once again embraced in 2022 with fortnightly online forums along with in-person events and opportunities to take key initiatives more broadly through network meetings.

QAMH continued to build on the core beliefs and principles of the Wellbeing First report which was launched in July 2021, pushing ahead with a plan to support innovation in our sector. To build our expertise the Wellbeing First Innovation Hub was launched. The purpose of the hub is to engage member organisations to  be as effective as possible with new models of service that are innovative and responsive to mental wellbeing indicators. These innovations will contribute to building capacity of the sector.

The 2022 Annual Report acknowledges the strength and expertise of our members, who play a crucial role in supporting our community and assisting QAMH to push for mental health reform in Queensland. The report also recognises our Board and team, both past and present, for their valuable contributions to QAMH and the broader Community Mental Health and Wellbeing Sector.

Take a look at the QAMH four key strategic pillars – Share Expertise, Facilitate Connection, Foster Innovation and Lead and Influence and their associated initiatives. The financial report to year end 30 June 2022 is also provided.

The full  QAMH Audited Financial Statements for 2022 can be viewed here:

2022 Signed Audited Financial Statements – Queensland Alliance for Mental Health

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