Karen Thomas

Karen has over 20 years of experience within the community sector, predominately in leadership roles in Mental Health Community Service Organisations; throughout Tasmania, Victoria and for the past 12 years across Queensland.

Karen considers that responsible sector leadership is based on creating robust, supportive, respectful and trusted working relationships. Karen is an advocate in engaging with diverse sectors and all stakeholders to actively work on developing partnerships that will improve outcomes for individuals and the community. Karen appreciates the collegiality across organisations, and the learning and sharing that ensues when working together on an issue of mutual concern. Karen believes that with the implementation of a number of state and federal reforms, more than ever there will be a need for the sector to work collaboratively.

Karen has an adaptive and transformational leadership style resulting in an ability to work in uncertainty and ambiguity to discover new ways forward, which lends itself to the current environment of change and reform.  Karen is committed to supporting the ongoing work of the QAMH across the mental health sector in Queensland, not only in navigating these new reforms but in thriving in the new environment.