RFQ Member of the Month – August 2020

Richmond Fellowship Queensland (RFQ) Australia is our August Member of the Month!

Each month we will be highlighting the value and diversity of our members and the fantastic work they do in the community mental health sector.

Read on below to learn more about RFQ

Please tell us a little bit about your organisation.
Richmond Fellowship Queensland (RFQ) operates across the full gamut of psychosocial recovery services, working hand in glove with clinical services to keep people healthy in the community. RFQ also provides allied health, suicide prevention, and psychological support programs.

RFQ also delivers NDIS capacity building, support coordination, supported independent living and core support services.

RFQ’s vision captures its conviction and passion: a future recovered for people facing mental health challenges

What are three words to describe your organisation?



How/why/when did your organisation get started?

Richmond Fellowship was established in Richmond Surrey England in 1959 by Elly Jansen who was a pioneer in the de-institutionalisation and community mental health movements. Dr Charles Elliot, a Brisbane GP, was concerned when his patients were admitted for mental health treatment and subsequently institutionalised.  With Elly’s support, he established the first Richmond Fellowship in the southern hemisphere when RFQ was established in 1974.

RFQ is proud to be part of an international family and is an active member of the Richmond Fellowship Asia Pacific Forum, which convenes a biennial international conference.

What inspires your work and what sets your organisation apart from everyone else?

RFQ’s history and the powerful social justice vision of its founder informs the inspiration, purpose and identity of the organisation where empowerment underpinned the service philosophy of the early programs. The programs were designed so that there was not a power differential between staff and clients and clients were empowered to take control of their illness and their future.

We are inspired by what people achieve as they embrace their own goals, responsibilities, and choices.

Where does your organisation provide services? What type of services are offered?

RFQ provides its services throughout Queensland. While RFQ supports people in a few NDIS small group living arrangements and in transitional recovery ‘home like’ facilities, services are predominantly provided to people in their own homes and in the community. RFQ also provides a range of telephone counselling services across Australia.

For more information on the above programs and initiatives visit the website: www.rfq.com.au

How many employees do you have? How many offices, and where are they located?

RFQ employs 450 staff operating out of 20 offices in Brisbane, Redcliffe, Caboolture, Sunshine Coast, Redlands, Logan, West Moreton, Darling Downs, Southern Downs, Gold Coast, Wide Bay and North Queensland.

How has your organisation changed over the last few years – and what has driven this change?

As with other sector organisations, RFQ has been responding to – and informing – the unrelenting policy and funding changes in our operating environment. The NDIS and competitive contract cycles have had a significant influence on the organisations strategic thinking and planning. RFQ has had and managed significant growth over this period.


In August 2018, the Mental Illness Fellowship Queensland (MIFQ) merged with RFQ and the mental health contracts of FSG were also taken over when that company went into administration. These events understandably had a significant influence in the life of the organisation.

Looking forward, what do you see as the main challenges/opportunities for your organisation, and why?

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided the opportunity to revitalise and redesign programs for the benefit of clients.  A key 2020 strategic priority is the ongoing review of our corporate and service delivery arrangements, achieving efficiencies, and improved effectiveness.

Alongside this is RFQ’s commitment to continued service excellence. A further 2020 priority is the review of our service philosophy, model of practice, staff training curriculum, and evaluation measures. We will be revisiting this priority as the pandemic issues stabilise.

Tell us something about your organisation that most people wouldn’t know? 

Three staff have been with the organisation for over 25 years providing continuity with RFQ’s mission, values and culture.


Contact Details:
Website – www.rfq.com.au
Facebook –https://www.facebook.com/RFQueensland/
Instagram – @rfq_mental health                                            

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