project underway

QAMH is working in partnership with Mental Health Coordinating Council (MHCC) on the 2 year project (stage 2) that will redevelop the website as an information resource for people who are accessing the psycho-social disability stream for NDIS.

We are very happy to welcome Brooke Starr to the team as the Queensland Peer Leader in the project.

Brooke is making great headway already into the development of a state-based Peer led Network/Community of Practice that will provide the basis for the development of resources for the website and communities throughout Queensland.

The project will create state-based peer led networks that will help to support people entering the NDIS through education, resources, connections and encouraging the use of the improved website. 

A co-design process will be developed with people with a lived experience and particularly those from diverse groups to improve the information and links available on the website.

The project will also work on building the capacity and skills of people with psychosocial disability to be able to negotiate their pathway through the NDIS.  This will be done primarily through the website but also with some face-to-face capacity building workshops and engagement through the Networks/Communities of Practice.

This is a significant project in which QAMH is proud to play a role.  Building skills of people with psychosocial disabilities to further understand and negotiate their path through the NDIS process will mean more people are able to access supports and services previously unavailable to them. 

Brooke will be kept very busy over the next 2 years, QAMH will provide support to Brooke and we hope the Queensland mental health sector will welcome Brooke during the life of the project.

Congratulations Brooke and welcome!