Queensland Audit Office Inquiry

In May, the Queensland Audit Office (QAO) released its inquiry into the NDIS transition in Queensland.

The report was focused on governance and the readiness of state agencies for the full implementation on the scheme. It made a number of recommendations around how the Queensland Government could improve oversight processes and the steps that need to be made to be able to monitor outcomes and value for money for Queenslanders.

It also highlighted the slowness of the rollout in Queensland, where we are reaching only 56 per cent of the bilateral estimates, and the pressure this puts the State and Federal Governments under as we prepare for the rollout in major population centres from July 1 this year. If the intake at this rate continues, by the end of 2018-19 Queensland may only have 51,000 individuals with approved plans and not the estimated 90,000. The QAO also recommends the Queensland Government develops readiness criteria advising the State Government whether the transition should be delayed.

The report did look into Queenslanders’ experience dealing with the scheme, and highlighted some of the issues raised in previous reports relating to people with psychosocial disability, including the lower level of satisfaction with their scheme experience. However, this was not a critical part of the QAO report.

Queensland Alliance for Mental Health CEO Kris Trott did meet with the auditors to discuss these issues, including the issues relating to the slow rollout of the NDIS in Queensland and the pressure it’s putting on the success of the scheme in Queensland moving forward.


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