QAMH supports Queensland Tenancy Reform for pet owners


13 December 2019

The Queensland Alliance for Mental Health (QAMH) welcomes the government’s proposed rental reforms to support and protect both the tenant and property owner. QAMH is part of the Making Renting Fair Alliance which is committed to ensuring everyone is able to create a home that is safe, secure and affordable.

QAMH supports many of the recommendations including provisions to end tenancies fairly and the reforms to support tenants escaping family violence situations.  We are also pleased to see that lessors would require reasonable grounds, as authorised by law, to deny a tenant’s request for a pet where that request complies with other laws. 

The mental health benefits of pet support and ownership are well recognised.  QAMH Director Engagement and Partnerships, Jacklyn Whybrow, is a clinician trained in animal therapy.  Jacklyn has three therapy dogs: Boston, Buddy and Lorna.

“Our therapy dogs are a vital part of our family unit and contribute to health and happiness for the whole family.  As a clinician, there are mass benefits for therapy dogs—from stress relief, to their calming effect for service users,” she said. 

Director Engagement and Partnerships Jacklyn Whybrow with therapy dog, Boston.

The proposed reforms are a positive step forward and we would welcome provisions which would ensure that individuals with pets are not disadvantaged through unnecessary or excessive bonds that are broadly applied rather than pet specific.

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