STAFF WELLBEING RESOURCE – QAMH held an extraordinary members forum to discuss COVID-19 and its effect on the sector which highlighted some common issues for our member organisations. With so many mutual concerns raised, it’s plain to see that our sector is grappling with the situation at hand, with fewer resources, a good dose of fatigue and lots of uncertainty.

Below we have tried to answer some of the questions which have been raised. We have also created a Resources for Staff Wellbeing – Covid-19 flyer which lists a collection of websites to support staff wellbeing.

Q: Does a staff member who tests positive need to wait for 7 days before returning to work? 

A: This is correct. See Queensland Health advice for definitive release from isolation criteria here.

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Q: The COVID Hotline has been helpful for some services to run through their individual case scenarios. What is the number?

A: The hotline number is 134 COVID (134 268)

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Q: Is there a place that provides links to resources available to staff to support them to cope with stress and fatigue?

A: QAMH have now compiled this resource for members. CLICK HERE FOR RESOURCES FLYER

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Q: What PPE do staff need to wear if they are running group activities at a community based centre in a LGA deemed “High Risk”?

A: Only a surgical mask is required (staff and people attending groups) if 1.5m physical distancing is maintained. Protective eyewear is required if physical distancing is not possible.
See Queensland Health Pandemic Response Guidance for the escalation of PPE usage here.

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Q: Is Deep Cleaning still required?

A: No. The Queensland Health website however refers to a routine clean here.

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Q: What are the current vaccination rates for our First Nations population?

A: You can find out more here.

ADDITIONAL RESOURCE – What to do when testing positive: The HealthDirect website offers helpful information for those who are COVID-19 positive. Click here to go to HealthDirect.

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QAMH is the peak body for community-managed mental health organisations, representing more than 100 not-for-profit services that work with people experiencing mental health challenges.

If QAMH members require clarification on current directives, general “troubleshooting” or advocacy support contact:

Sarah Childs, QAMH Director – Sector Engagement and Wellbeing