There are a Number of Ways we can Support You

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QAMH supports the importance that is placed on the maintenance of confidentiality of peoples personal and/or sensitive information. This extends to the collection and management of information held in our records regarding individuals. QAMH wishes to provide assurances to the community of its commitment to privacy of personal information. Visit our Privacy Policy to understand our Personal Information Handling Practices.

We value feedback from people and organisations that engage in our services and commit to resolving issues quickly, fairly, efficiently and with courtesy. Learn more about the QAMH Feedback and Complaints Procedure. To provide feedback or to make a complaint click here.

We are not able to support you if you’re experiencing an immediate crisis or in distress right now. This list of emergency supports might assist if you would like someone to talk with now.

We are a small team at the PPB we hope that five working days would be the longest it might take for someone to get back to you, but we hope it would be a lot quicker than that most of the time.


Please take our quick satisfaction survey to let us know how you felt about the information we provided.

This is an anonymous survey. Please rate between 1 Star=Doesn’t meet my expectations to 5 Stars= Exceeds my expectations.

If you have detailed feedback, we would love to hear from you.
Please email us at

We believe in the power of a network of people with lived experience. These individuals collectively hold the knowledge and ideas to tackle some of the big issues in the mental health space and push for change and innovation. This network will have the opportunity to connect with and support the Psychosocial Peak Body to deliver information, education and advocacy on behalf of Queenslanders with psychosocial challenges.

If this interests you and you want to be involved, please Contact:

Simon Clough, Psychosocial Peak Body Coordinator: 0447 904 399

Or via email: