Queensland’s Psychosocial Peak Body

The following resources include the QAMH Amplify issues – a platform to uplift the voices and share the knowledge of those with lived/living experiences. External resource links that focus on lived experience leadership, advocacy, inclusion and the development of lived experience roles are also included.

Amplify Newsletter

Amplify issue 3 – May 2024

This May, we focus on a theme of Action & Advocacy: Skills for Community Wellbeing and Change.

Amplify issue 2 – March 2024

This March, we are delving into Stories of Resilience and Personal Power from a lived and living experience lens.

Amplify issue 1 – December 2023

This is the inaugural edition of a dedicated newsletter from the Queensland Alliance for Mental Health (QAMH) team for people with lived and/or living experience of psychosocial challenges.

External Resources

The lived experience leadership digital library holds a collection of useful resources mostly created by people identifying with a lived experience. The resources relate to lived experience leadership. It’s unfortunate that many of the academic articles are difficult to access due to academic pay walls however it’s still a valuable resource.

The lived experience leadership digital library

The Black Dog Institute has many useful resources including; The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Lived Experience Centre elevates the voices of First Nations people and shares their stories to co-design, inform, and deliver culturally safe mental health and suicide prevention initiatives.

The Black Dog Institute

This link to the “Queensland Advocacy for Inclusion” is a great resource for people seeking legal advocacy. “Our Mental Health Advocacy Practice” (MHAP) is a specialist legal service dedicated to providing information, advice, referrals, and representation in relation to involuntary treatment under the Mental Health Act 2016 (Qld). Assistance is free, confidential, and independent of Queensland Health or the Mental Health Review Tribunal.

Queensland Advocacy for Inclusion

Arafmi is an organisation that who’s work primarily supports the Carers and familys of people with an experience of mental illness they provide information, services and supports to benefit carers and Kin.


The Queensland Framework for the Development of the Lived Experience Workforce is a useful resource for people wanting to understand more about Lived experience work and inform the development of lived experience roles in mental health services.

Queensland Framework for the Development of the Lived Experience Workforce

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