Response: Mental Health Peer Support Inc.

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Response: Mental Health Peer Support Inc. is an Incorporated Not for Profit Organisation created and administered by Queensland Custodial Correctional Officers with Lived Experience.

Response Mental Health Peer Support holds a registered charity status with the Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission, have partnered with The Thompson Institute, Relationships Australia, the 4 Aussie Heroes Foundation, Living Works, Stand By and Fortem Australia


To be Australia’s leading industry suicide prevention organisation, focusing on raising awareness, building stronger, healthier, socially connected and resilient Officers, providing true lived experience support, financial assistance and research.


Response Mental Health Peer Support Inc is established to be a charity whose purpose is to advance health by preventing and controlling posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) of custodial correctional officers in Queensland, by undertaking the following activities:

  • Raising Awareness
  • Building Stronger, healthier, Socially Connected and Resilient Officers
  • Research
  • Financial Assistance