MEDIA RELEASE – The Queensland Alliance for Mental Health welcomes the significant reforms outlined in the final report of the Queensland Parliament’s Mental Health Select Committee.

QAMH CEO Jennifer Black said if the reforms are enacted, the mental health system in Queensland will be “transformed”.

“We’re encouraged to see the committee recognise how poorly Queensland’s mental health system has been funded, over many years,” Ms Black said.

“Now we’re waiting for the June 21 State Budget to see whether these recommendations may come to fruition.

“And if they are, Queenslanders will have a much better mental health system.”

Key findings and recommendations from the report:

  • In 2019‐20, Queensland had the lowest per capita expenditure on mental health services in Australia. (p.28)
  • Increase funding and create a dedicated funding stream for mental health (R.1)
  • Improve access to housing, with support services to help people keep their housing (R.8)
  • Expand community alternatives to emergency departments (R.30)

To read the full report:

The Queensland Alliance for Mental Health represents more than 100 Community Mental Health and Wellbeing services in the state. Tens of thousands of Queenslanders, who are experiencing mental health challenges, access these services for practical support.

CEO Jennifer Black is available for comment.

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Media contact: Emma Griffiths, QAMH Director – Advocacy and Communications

M: 0439 971 080