Welcome to our new NFP Elected Director on the Board, Jeremy Audas
Jeremy was voted in by the QAMH Membership and has previously served on our Board a number of years ago, it is great to have him back. Jeremy Audas has worked in human and community services in North Queensland for over 30 years and has gained an appreciation of the importance of high-quality services in addressing the needs of people who find themselves in challenging circumstances.

Currently employed by Richmond Fellowship Queensland he is also president of Townsville Community Law, chair of the board for the Townsville Intercultural Centre, and Independent Chair of the Townsville headspace Consortium. As a former CEO of the Mental Illness Fellowship of North Queensland, he enabled and supported partnerships and collaborative relationships with a focus on better supporting and advocating for people living with mental illness including their family members. He believes that working together, supporting each other, and engendering warmth, empathy and trust are key enablers for the effective delivery of community services.