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QAMH Members are invited to join us for our Online Members Forum. This forum will be led by Kultchafi’s Managing Director, Ara ‘Julga’ Harathunian as he discusses cultural responsiveness training.

Ara (Julga) Harathunian has just over 40 years of professional experience in Governance, Eldership/Leadership and Management in many fields of endeavour. His interests lie in Health, Reconciliation in Action, Restorative Justice, Lateral Violence, Community Development, Research, Aboriginal Terms of Reference, Aboriginal Spirituality and Indigenous Wellbeing and Healing Paradigms.

Ara’s achievements include developing and implementing an Indigenous Research Model, a Transformational Management Model underpinned by the Cultural Philosophical Ethos Theory that Aunty Cheri Yingaa Yavu-Kama-Harathunian, and Kultchafi Cultural Responsiveness Training Package, Healing Circle Work, Gentle Footprints and Cultural Responsiveness Organisational Pulse developed.

At this Members Forum Ara will briefly share the services Kultchafi provides, Cultural Responsiveness Training (CRT); present one of the vignettes and the cultural context so that people will understand CRT; present short courses. Additionally, Ara will present a brief overview of the Organisational Cultural Responsiveness Pulse Check and why this would benefit organisations.

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We look forward to our member’s continued involvement and engagement in our member’s forums.

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