20 March 2024

Challenges relating to the employment of a suitably qualified and skilled workforce that is sufficient in size to meet demand remains one of the most significant issues facing the Community Mental Health and Wellbeing Sector. The NDIS National Workforce Plan 2021-2025 reports that 83,000 new workers are needed by 2024 to meet growing demand, equivalent to a 31 per cent increase in the size of the workforce. Anecdotally, QAMH members constantly report workforce shortages as their primary concern.

QAMH is committed to ensuring the landmark reforms occurring in the mental health system have a suitably skilled workforce underpinning them. Here we have collated a number of resources directly related to the Community Mental Health and Wellbeing Sector workforce. As we embark upon our Workforce Project from 2023, we will be populating this page with the latest research, government policy, workforce data and more.

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