2018 Election of Elected Directors

The nominations for Elected Directors have now closed.

We are pleased to announce the following candidates in this year’s inaugural electronic postal ballot for the election of Elected Directors on the QAMH Board (in alphabetical order):

Clare Guilfoyle

Ellen Heathwood

Simon James

Peter Monaghan

Craig Stanley-Jones

Karen Thomas

There are currently three Elected Directors vacancies on the QAMH Board.

In the week commencing 1 October 2018, all QAMH General Members who are eligible to vote (i.e. have a current financial membership) will receive an email from TrueVote Ltd, an online ballot management company with instructions on how to cast your vote.  There is one ballot vote per eligible organisation.

To find out the financial status of your organisation or any queries regarding the online ballot process please do not hesitate to contact Company Secretary, Julia Riordan 07 3252 9411.